Monday, December 31, 2012


Wow 2013 just a few hours just wow!!! 2012 has just flown by!! There's been so many great things this year!! It's just been super fast!!! 2013 wow!! Well here are some of the most amazing things that have happened this year!!

1. New Years!!
2. Skating party!! I won for my Valentine box, I made the tin man from the wizard of Oz!!
3. Emily's birthday!!
4. Easter!! That was AMAZING!!
5. (Still part of Easter) My aunt and uncle from Italy came and visited with my cousin, Lizzie
6. (Again still Easter) I was told by Tyler Hunter that he liked me and he has been my boyfriend since:)
7. Daniel's birthday!!
8. I went and saw Avengers!!
9. Carissa came for a visit!!
10. Andrew's birthday!!
12. My daddy's birthday!!
13. Golf all through June and July!!
14. My birthday!! (I was sick!!)
15. My Grandma's birthday!!
16. I won an iPad
17. I received two trophies one for 3rd place and 5th place!!
18. My Mommy's birthday!!
19. Trip to California for thanksgiving!!
20. I was super sick after our trip!!
21. Better!!
22. Spanish Christmas party!!
23. Christmas!!
24. New Year's Eve!!
25. New Year's Eve fondue
26. New Year's Eve party!!
27. I did it 100 blog posts in a I guess there won't be as much randomness:/


Sparkle tattoo!! Emily made me one


Cranberry bliss bars....have you ever had one??? Well they are absolutely amazingly delicious!! So anyway I've only had like a bite of one!! We went to Starbucks today to get a bliss bar, and they were out!!! Oh my goodness I was sad!!! Then when we came home my daddy called another Starbucks and they had some so well go get them tomorrow!!! Yayness!!


Saw a guy walking on the street there was a sidewalk not two feet to his right.....Hipster:P


That is all


And here's my quote:
“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”
― Robert Frost


It's New Year's Eve and well I need to get 6 more posts by tonight!! I haven't done a quote yet.....hmmm......


Carissa 3 words to describe you;)
1. Thoughtful
2. Athletic
3. Smart
I miss you!!!


Ruth 3 words to describe you;)
1. Amazing
2. Fun
3. Pretty


Sarah 3 words to describe you;)
1. Sweet
2. Pretty
3. Funny
Oh and I'm so proud to know someone that can get Andrew back on things!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Random hair;)


Apples!!!! Is that random enough??


That awesome moment where your playing just dance and get 5 stars on your first try:)


A skillet can make your mom excited!!! She received a skillet in the mail Friday....she had entered a contest and won...but I guess didn't know it!! Wow that made her so excited!!


If you could use three words to describe me what would they be?
You comment your answers I'll tell you what 3 words I would use to describe you;)


It's the eve of New Year's Eve!!!


Just dance...played it for 2 hours yesterday!! That's all!!


Blanket....I got a new fuzzy blanket:)

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Okay so it's one in the morning and I'm walking over to my room....note it's dark in the house cuz all the lights are I basically run into the tent in the living room....I didn't know Emily was sleeping out there!! So that means I get my own room:) here's a picture of the tent!! She's such a cutie!!


I'm Bilbo Bagins!! Haha I like the comfort life with good food and a warm bed. However, somewhere deep inside me there is something longing for adventure. Haha
So who are you?


It a pillow pet!! For realsies!!!


*When somebody goes through your sketch pad....and then asks you if you drew something*.....*yes, of course I drew it*.....*well it's really good!!!* *Is not!!*
You're always your hardest critic:P

Here's the deal I decided at the beginning of 2012 I was going to make 100 blog posts.....well I'm kinda a ways away from getting there I have to make 23 more posts in 3 days!! So these posts will be short.....and totally random, oooo oooh and specialty:) So now that you've gotten the deal, you are going to be able to understand why I might have this random photo of a sibling or a random quote or some complete and totally random one down......22 more to go....
Lets get our random on!!
Ooh ooh I also might ask questions!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ahh when we get presents for the dog us kids steal them;)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Okay that's all!!! Hope it's wonderful!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Ohmeeeegoodnessful!!!! Ahhh okay, so this morning I woke up early....early as in 7:45 on a weekend....yeah that's early;P So anyway I know your thinking, okay and this has to do with frisbee how?? Just wait I'm getting there!!!! So like I said I got up early!! Put on a few layers of clothes and got ready to go play Ultimate Frisbee with a couple of homeschool friends and one of my friends youth's group at UWF!!! The weather was wonderful!!That was crazy amazing!! So let me tell you how it went!! We get there and we're one of the first few people to show up. We go out on the field and about 6 more people show up so we have about 10-12 people...I don't remember for sure. Moving on so we started out with teams as Me, Tyler, Connor, and three people from that youth group.....I know I'm forgetful. The other team was Andrew, Stephen, Easton, and Jason and 3 other my team must have had 4....well anyway we beat them badly!! So we set up new teams Easton, Stephen, me, 3 youth....other team.....Andrew, Connor, Tyler, 4 youth.......if you know these peopl you know who won.....Andrew and all of his team!!! Last round this is where I could beat my "I am Sooooo Awesome and Always do better in sports and School older brother!!!" So here were the teams.... Tyler, Andrew, Stephen, Jason, 4 youth.... My team: Easton, Connor, Zach, Me, 4 youth....we won!!! So anyway I beat Andrew twice!! And I made some awesome catches, dives, fails, nice attempts, and FALLS!!! If you could have seen me I was covered in grass stains!!! And mudish/dirt!!! But it was soooooooo much fun!!! Now I am all sore though!!! That is all;) oooh wait!!! I have something else to the youth pastor told me that he was very impressed with how intensely I play ultimate!! Now that is all;)


Okay, so most of you know I like to draw....well I really like too:) and yesterday my friend, Ashley, bought me a sketch pad!!! <3 well here is my first drawing in it:) please comment and tell me what you think!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

A math equation for you;)

I know I know you are probably on break so I won't make it hard so any way;)
Here's the question;)
Hot chocolate + cold weather = yummyness!!!! And warmth<3
See I told you it wouldn't be hard;) *winky* *winky*

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Had to share

Love this verse<3
Give thanks to the Lord , for He is good; His faithful love endures forever. (Psalms 118:1 HCSB)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Do you ever feel extravaganzalorious?? Hehehe

We're Rodent-sitting!!!

Like I said were rodent sitting!!! No we won't sit on a hamster, that would be mean!!!! So we are watching Ms. Cadey Grey's hamster Waffles!!! We will be watching her this week while the Grey's are on their Christmas trip;) With out further ado I give you pictures!!! She's like a fuzzy wittle ball;)


Thursday- watched Beauty and the Beast
Friday- watched Tangled
Saturday- watching Cinderella:)
<3 Princess movies!!

Pretty great brothers

Yep, that's me I have some pretty great brothers. So you see we have this recliner and the boys are going to watch singing in the rain. I wanted to watch but not take up a WHOLE couch, so I convinced the boys to pull the recliner out there(to the living room) oh how I love you both <3 oooh and I'm feeling a little better but I only woke up a bit ago;)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hi everybody!! Thank you for prayers!!! I'm not better yet!! I don't know if any of you heard but I was in the ER last night from 9-11:30pm!! It sucked!! We went because I had a fever and we couldn't bring it down, and it was coming had started out at 102 rose to 105.1 needless to say we left in a rush!! Well on the way over I felt pretty bad!! Before we got there dad asked mom for her purse and she gave it to him, well she grabbed my Grandma's purse (they have matching purses) so my mom realized that she didn't have her ID or her drivers license. So she used my day's ID, we got to the Emergency room and there was just about nobody there, which was good. We were called back in about twenty minutes. The person that checks your pulse and you temperature, weight, ext. that went well!!! We were then taken back to a room, the doctor came in and told me everything that was going to be done, they needed to get some blood, a nasal rinse, and I was gonna get an IV....if you know me I was thrilled...not!!!! So this guy comes in to get my blood and do the nasal rinse, we do the nasal rinse...ewww, but he said I did that fine. So he moved on to take blood, and he was like digging around and I'm just like OW OW OW OW OW STOP!!! So a lady came in to try, first try for her she didn't get me :P second try she got it. So she got my blood, and then another lady came in to get my IV started. I saw like five or six different people!! So the doctor came back in and they don't know what's wrong with me yet!! Still argh!!! So I just sat there with my IV, and shivering from being so cold, when I have a fever. That wasn't fun!! So the lady that did my IV came back in when it was done, and she got us ready to leave:) I liked her the most;) so we came home. I'm still sick, I still don't feel good, but I know I'll get better:) I dunno when though:/ Just please keep praying for me!! Thank you!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hiya blog readers!!! Would you all please pray for me!!!! I'm sick and I don't feel well!!! Yuck! I'm going to the doctor tomorrow!! Just pray I get better!!! I have a swollen throat! And a temperature!! Prayers would be wonderful!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So excited

I am soo excited for tomorrow.......Ultimate Frisbee!!! Yay!!! So excited!!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Okay, so I think that we need to make a video each we need ideas and well try to make Wacky Wensdays happen.....or if y'all could come up with a better name...go for it!! We also need ideas, but it doesn't matter;) thanks y'all!!
Emily stole my glasses...hahahahaha

Hey!! Answers my friends!

Here is the link to my question and answer, sorry Meredith I never saw your answers so they will be answered...not by video though:P ultimate frisbee it's BOSS nuff said!!! I'd be a get bananas again....nuff said!!! Here's the link!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's thanksgiving!!!! No lie!!! We're having our family thanksgiving, we watched the parade earlier, now for a turkey dinner!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trip to California Day #3

We woke up around 6:30!! Got dressed and ready to go, and left for breakfast!! I got this giant cinnamon roll it was humongous!! It was extremely delicious, let me just say though I still like Sarah Miller's cinnamon rolls better!! We left and went down the street aways and rented some movies from redbox: Mirror Mirror, Madagasgar 3, and Big miracle(some whale movie). We saw clouds coming over a mountain like a waterfall. As Daniel put it it looked liked mashed potatoes!! (There will be a picture of these) We stopped at clines corner, and bought some postcards, I got a surprise for my Best Friend in Florida (Yes, Meredith this is you;)) Traveled on through New Mexico to ARIZONA!! I've had sixteen truckers wave, then we passed one again and I noticed so I didn't wave, but he did. I have gotten some pretty cool pictures of the welcome sign to Arizona, and the mountains! Yes there are pictures!! We saw snow!! x) on a completely unrelated topic, I love when I start speaking Spanish for no reason, and I'm just like and I'm not even in Spanish class;)((it makes me feel smart;)) and now I have a Burger King crown, and I didn't even go to BK!! We got here around 3:30-3:45, so we went to some shops downtown I got some new bracelets;) We got back around five went to dinner and are now back, now for some chilling;)


I have decided simply for the fun of it answer almost any question you have to ask me in a video. If you want to ask a question ask it in the comments section. I ask that all question be submitted by Dec. 1st thank you and please do ask questions. (Yes I have stole this from Andrew's blog) So ask away!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trip to California Day #1

So today started off EARLY!!! Okay, only early if you say 6:30 is early!! We were planning on leaving at 7:30 but....we didn't hit the road till about 7:40ish (we had some minor setbacks.. ex. I forgot my antibiotic). So once we finally were on our way, we stopped at Publix, to get lunch:D it was a delicious lunch, if I do say so myself which of course I do;) Today we drove, and drove, and drove... Through a tiny bit of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and now were in the Great State Of Texas;) I took lots of pictures!! We are presently staying in Longview! I am actually very excited for tomorrow:) Were going to be staying off of Route 66!! So were watching Cars (love that movie)!! And I'll get my own bed and there will be more pictures than today!! So without further a do I'll give you pictures to look at. (I'm not gonna try and figure out how to do this so going down the first picture will be #1 and the second #2 and so forth, I'll try to write a little about each picture but if not there will just be a number) So here ya are;)
#1 Our beautiful rental car.... Fred
#2 How I'm carrying my junk;)
#3 I've always thought these were cool (they are in Alabama)
#4 Now that's my type of safe;)
#5 the Sunshine
#6 the best type of snack ever
#7 Part of the Mississippi bridge (sorry I know it's BLURRY)
#8 Texas reststop!!
#9 Us kiddos
#10 Daniel just being all buff
That's all

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The trip

Okay!! Hi!! Again!!! So I'm going on a trip....wait y'all knew that:P Were going to California!! I'll post pictures and post!! I'm excited cuz I think Friday night were staying on Route 66 thinking bout cars that night, not cars that you drive but the movie where they have eyes instead of windshield, I'm excited!! Well I better go get the rental car, I'll post again tomorrow!!! Oh and if you can think of one my mom is starting a blog and she has no clue what to name it, I think it's mostly for the trip but she might use it after as well!!! Thanks!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I had an amazing night!!

I had the most amazing night last night!! I got to see like all my friends before we leave for California....yes I will post often;) and yes I will post pictures but back to last night! Well anyway we went to a homeschool band concert they were amazing and of course afterwards we had food;) and we went to the courtyard in 50 degree weather;) Hehehehehe and it was fun here's some pics from last night:) I actually didn't have many but when I got home I checked my Facebook, and Mrs. Grey had tagged this photo of me:) (it should be the last one;)) so I'm posting more;) *wink* *wink*

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hey so I'm trying to post more often!! So yeah;) pray for my daddy he's going up to D.C. For an interview for a possible job there for the Coast Guard! Just pray his flight goes well, the interview goes smoothly!! And the rest is up to God:) also just pray for us were having problems with our church!! Love y'all soo much <3 oh and my GodGirl bracelet broke last night :'( all done

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I know I know this post is WAYYYYY OVERDUE!!!! Sorry!!! Well anyway, here is a little catch up on my life. Yeah I post boring things, sorry....again!! Well I played HighSchool Golf, that was FUN but NOT!!! I liked being able to play a lot but the team was bad!!! This Thursday I might miss Pe. cuz I have to get my picture taken for the year book;) and next Monday we have a banquet!! So there's a little update!!! I will post more often!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sooo excited :)

First things first I'm sorry:(
I am sorry I have not posted in over a month so I promise that this post will be long!!! (me thinking on the inside: ahhhhh what have I done?!?!!?!??)
So let's start from the beginning of July:)
July 6th I had Bria, Meredith, and Ashley spend the night and we were crazy!!!!!
July 7th We were even crazier!!!!! Just kidding;)
July 8th I didn't feel good :( my throat hurt and I had golf the next morning and the 9th is my birthday!!!!
July 9th (MY 14th BIRTHDAY!!!!!)  I missed golf:( and went to the doctor:P received a throat culture :'( made me almost cry!!! Was told well you have STREP!!!! So I was told you can have a shot or take pills for ten days!!! I toke the shot!!! OW!!!! It hurt like crazy!!!! Went home and opened some wonderful presents!!!!! :)
Skip a few days!!!
July 13th 1. Ahhhh a Friday!!!!(Friday the thirteenth) 2. Paintball!! Yay!!! 3. It was epic!!! 4. I finally got my birthday dinner!!!
Skip a few days:)
July 23rd first day of my golf tournament called the divot derby!!!!! I shot a 63 which is pretty good for me:) Later that afternoon we (Andrew and I) were going to Tyler's Birthday party:)
July 24th second day of  golf:) shot another 63 (yay!!)
July 25th last day of the tournament:) I shot a 56 (Happy dance!!!!!!) 
July 26th my Grandma's birthday!!!!! That night we went to the golf banquet!!! I received two trophies I came in fifth in one tournament and third in the divot derby!!!! I was sooo excited!!!!  Then they announced the top ten raffle ticket sellers!!! I won I was sooo happy!!! I sold $1000 dollars for the first tee (the golf association I play with) 
July 27th first day of the Olympics!!!!! 
 okay lets skip ahead again  
July 30th first day of our vacation!!!! 
July 31st vacation!!
August 1st vacation!!!
August 2nd vacation!!!!!
August 3rd MY MOMMY'S BIRTHDAY!!!! (and a sports physical (yay) :P) did what my mommy wanted to do:)
August 4th more vacation
August 5th last day of vacation:(
August 6th first day of that dreadful (school thing) :'( but then went to a friends house while our moms had a meeting 
August 7th second day
August 8th third day of school (then church that night)
August 9th fourth day of school
August 10th fifth day of school (let me just say I live a boring life :P) but wait it was exciting I talked to Jamie Grace's mom (if you don't know who that is she is a Christian singer and I love her music:))
August 11th today!!! Cleaned, went to the farmers market, grocery shopping, came home cleaned, did school:( 
Tomorrow August 12th church and then a pride and prejudice party/sleep over!!! Very excited x) 
So I have caught you up to date:)

Oh and every other Tuesday Daniel has book club so Andrew and I tag along with Daniel:)
And it had been every thursday I had golf:)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday party!

Oh my goodness I am soo excited for this party xD everything is coming together wonderfully! And most everybody is coming to my party! So excited! Well I gotta get things ready so I'll post more tonight :)