Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm sorry I haven't posted.... In A while...yes I'm lame!! I have been slightly busy, running here running there!! So here's what I've done in the past two or three weeks;) I've had PE and golf every Thursday:) I've dissected a crawfish, worm and perch....and I'm going to dissect a frog!!!

Sorry I fainted:( I'm not excited about a frog ewww much!!! I've had school, studying, tests, quizzes, life that is CRAY CRAY!! Been to the zoo!! Went shopping!! I've done way more than Im writing for instance...
•circulate blood
• ...
• ...

Ooooooooh the Zoo was fun!!:) there were lions and tigers and bears oh my!! (Sorry I couldn't resist!!) but there actually were!!! I saw an alligator his name was chuckie....he was big....he was fat:P

Okay!! That is all....I'll try and post more!! Soon!!

Friday, March 1, 2013


Soo today was another dissection....kinda sorta eww!! But at the same time sooo super cool!! At first I had the same partners as last time. Elizabeth had to leave earlier today so I was partnered with Abbie Brown:) She basically let me do it...put she helped!!!;) it was fun!! So like at first we had to follow the directions but after that was done, we got to do whatever we wanted with the crawfish:)

Once we stared cutting up the crawfish, we were told to figure out the gender...we had a girl!! We...okay I decided to name her Flo! (After the lady on the progressive commercial!!) It was fun!! So we cut it open! Yuck! It stunk!! Once we followed the directions Abbie was I was able to do what ever I wanted with it.

So umm....I ripped off the head!!! Muhahahahah!!! Watch out!! Then I pulled off its claws:) and then it's eyes...yeah Im proud though I'm the girl who was totally creeped out by this stuff!! Kay?? So it was actually totally fun...but I didn't say that;)

I've come to the conclusion that biology isn't horrible but tolerable!!:) yep!! I dissected a crawfish!!

Oooh so here's some pictures!!

*******************WARNING VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*********************
There are some pictures of if you have a weak stomach or have just eaten...just read the post don't look at the pictures;)