Monday, December 3, 2012


Okay, so I think that we need to make a video each we need ideas and well try to make Wacky Wensdays happen.....or if y'all could come up with a better name...go for it!! We also need ideas, but it doesn't matter;) thanks y'all!!


  1. Mwahahaha! Who gave u this idea?? ;D Ideas...hmm...well:

    ~ You could call it Terrific Thursdays (or Tuesdays,) Silly Saturdays, Wild Weekend, etc. I probably like Wacky Wednesdays best.

    ~ Jostie Flicks might give you some good ideas for video ideas...

    If i think of anything else I'll tell ya. ;)

  2. Actually Andrew has been talking about this....and wanting to call it Wacky Wednesdays, y'all just have great brains!!

  3. Ha! :D Okay so I guess I wasn't the FIRST one to think of it...

  4. Maybe it would help if I knew what Wacky Wednesdays would consist of...liiike, is it a talk show or something?