Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sooo excited :)

First things first I'm sorry:(
I am sorry I have not posted in over a month so I promise that this post will be long!!! (me thinking on the inside: ahhhhh what have I done?!?!!?!??)
So let's start from the beginning of July:)
July 6th I had Bria, Meredith, and Ashley spend the night and we were crazy!!!!!
July 7th We were even crazier!!!!! Just kidding;)
July 8th I didn't feel good :( my throat hurt and I had golf the next morning and the 9th is my birthday!!!!
July 9th (MY 14th BIRTHDAY!!!!!)  I missed golf:( and went to the doctor:P received a throat culture :'( made me almost cry!!! Was told well you have STREP!!!! So I was told you can have a shot or take pills for ten days!!! I toke the shot!!! OW!!!! It hurt like crazy!!!! Went home and opened some wonderful presents!!!!! :)
Skip a few days!!!
July 13th 1. Ahhhh a Friday!!!!(Friday the thirteenth) 2. Paintball!! Yay!!! 3. It was epic!!! 4. I finally got my birthday dinner!!!
Skip a few days:)
July 23rd first day of my golf tournament called the divot derby!!!!! I shot a 63 which is pretty good for me:) Later that afternoon we (Andrew and I) were going to Tyler's Birthday party:)
July 24th second day of  golf:) shot another 63 (yay!!)
July 25th last day of the tournament:) I shot a 56 (Happy dance!!!!!!) 
July 26th my Grandma's birthday!!!!! That night we went to the golf banquet!!! I received two trophies I came in fifth in one tournament and third in the divot derby!!!! I was sooo excited!!!!  Then they announced the top ten raffle ticket sellers!!! I won I was sooo happy!!! I sold $1000 dollars for the first tee (the golf association I play with) 
July 27th first day of the Olympics!!!!! 
 okay lets skip ahead again  
July 30th first day of our vacation!!!! 
July 31st vacation!!
August 1st vacation!!!
August 2nd vacation!!!!!
August 3rd MY MOMMY'S BIRTHDAY!!!! (and a sports physical (yay) :P) did what my mommy wanted to do:)
August 4th more vacation
August 5th last day of vacation:(
August 6th first day of that dreadful (school thing) :'( but then went to a friends house while our moms had a meeting 
August 7th second day
August 8th third day of school (then church that night)
August 9th fourth day of school
August 10th fifth day of school (let me just say I live a boring life :P) but wait it was exciting I talked to Jamie Grace's mom (if you don't know who that is she is a Christian singer and I love her music:))
August 11th today!!! Cleaned, went to the farmers market, grocery shopping, came home cleaned, did school:( 
Tomorrow August 12th church and then a pride and prejudice party/sleep over!!! Very excited x) 
So I have caught you up to date:)

Oh and every other Tuesday Daniel has book club so Andrew and I tag along with Daniel:)
And it had been every thursday I had golf:)