Saturday, December 22, 2012


Ohmeeeegoodnessful!!!! Ahhh okay, so this morning I woke up early....early as in 7:45 on a weekend....yeah that's early;P So anyway I know your thinking, okay and this has to do with frisbee how?? Just wait I'm getting there!!!! So like I said I got up early!! Put on a few layers of clothes and got ready to go play Ultimate Frisbee with a couple of homeschool friends and one of my friends youth's group at UWF!!! The weather was wonderful!!That was crazy amazing!! So let me tell you how it went!! We get there and we're one of the first few people to show up. We go out on the field and about 6 more people show up so we have about 10-12 people...I don't remember for sure. Moving on so we started out with teams as Me, Tyler, Connor, and three people from that youth group.....I know I'm forgetful. The other team was Andrew, Stephen, Easton, and Jason and 3 other my team must have had 4....well anyway we beat them badly!! So we set up new teams Easton, Stephen, me, 3 youth....other team.....Andrew, Connor, Tyler, 4 youth.......if you know these peopl you know who won.....Andrew and all of his team!!! Last round this is where I could beat my "I am Sooooo Awesome and Always do better in sports and School older brother!!!" So here were the teams.... Tyler, Andrew, Stephen, Jason, 4 youth.... My team: Easton, Connor, Zach, Me, 4 youth....we won!!! So anyway I beat Andrew twice!! And I made some awesome catches, dives, fails, nice attempts, and FALLS!!! If you could have seen me I was covered in grass stains!!! And mudish/dirt!!! But it was soooooooo much fun!!! Now I am all sore though!!! That is all;) oooh wait!!! I have something else to the youth pastor told me that he was very impressed with how intensely I play ultimate!! Now that is all;)


  1. Good for you! Sounds like a blast! :D

  2. Reading that made me feel cold and tired... But hey, I guess it would be fun, especially if you're winning. :)

  3. Love the new background and fonts! :)