Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The trip

Okay!! Hi!! Again!!! So I'm going on a trip....wait y'all knew that:P Were going to California!! I'll post pictures and post!! I'm excited cuz I think Friday night were staying on Route 66 thinking bout cars that night, not cars that you drive but the movie where they have eyes instead of windshield, I'm excited!! Well I better go get the rental car, I'll post again tomorrow!!! Oh and if you can think of one my mom is starting a blog and she has no clue what to name it, I think it's mostly for the trip but she might use it after as well!!! Thanks!!!


  1. oh my gosh i completely forgot all about ur trip and i was planning on calling u this weekend! :( I have so much to tell u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well anyways have fun on ur trip Allie! I love u and i miss u lots!

  2. Pensacola is sad right now. :(
    We will miss all of you desperately. <3

  3. How bout "Awesome Amy" or "Amy the Angel". We missed our Biology teacher!!!!! :)Allie!!!! I missed you so much last week, and this week, and next week!!!

    ~Lizbeth :)