Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coming soon... We hope

Coming soon to my blog probably no one ever reads anymore I'll be making a tutorial if I take good pictures/do my project correctly!! So stay tuned I'm waiting for my supplies in the mail. Gosh that's hard... 

Monday, April 7, 2014


I made this photo album in like 2006 so when I was eight!! Whoa! Duck face!! Haha love you guys! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Sorry not sorry

So hi! I haven't posted in a while but that's okay right? Haha anyway! Freddie isn't some new guy friend...well okay he actually new Guinea pig guy friend! Hehe he's adorable. I've had him for about a month now :) here's a picture for now 

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hiya! I'm gonna try and catch you up on my crazy life ;) Alright....Haven't posted since June so you've either expected me dead or just given up on me, which in all reality I don't blame you!!! If you see Yay, if not whateves!! Alright soooo ummmm...


* Mom and Dad flew out to California to look for a house for us to live in....wahoo!!
* Luckily they didn't pick a cardboard they would...Ha!
* Us kids and Grandma stayed home
* We went over to friend's houses, Songs in The Park, and the Beach
* Emily and I had one or two tea parties...
hmmmm...that's all for June


* Fourth of July at the Brown's house which was extremely fun!!
* The Friday before my birthday I had my 15th Birthday with atleast 20 friends...pretty much the best party ever!! It was a JustDance party and then we played Ultimate afterwards
* Day before My birthday I got my braces off!!!
* My birthday!!
* Packing..bleh
* Songs in The Park
* Getting together with friends as much as possible
* Went and saw my best friend preform after band camp!!
* A hugemongo goodbye gathering (it wasn't a's are for celebrating)
* Left all my friends to move to California
* Cried a lot
* My Grandma's Birthday
* Saw one of my closest and best friend Carissa and we spent the weekend in Colorado
* Saw my cousin RayLynne in Colorado
* Kept on driving
* Had truck problems not going there xP


* Moved in to our new house
* My mom's Birthday
* Unpack the TWO UBER BIG moving trucks!!!
* Unpack everything so we could be in our house cuz our hotel was pretty sketchy
* Moved in and met the neighbors! There are 6 kids under the age of eight...two next door, two across the street, and two next to the people with the two kids across the street.
* Moved everything in to the house and became unpacked.


* We mostly just got ready for school and finished unpacking
* I started working...Babysitting


* My Aunt and cousin came from Italy for a visit they we're here for a week or two.
* Did school for two weeks.
* Babysat twice every week
* Went and saw Thor The Dark World
* Halloween Party
* Halloween trick or treating...I tried to be Cinderella


* Family came again
* Babysitting
* Life
* A teensy bit of school
* Cut down a tree


*Christmas prep
* More Christmas Prep
* Cookies
* Babysitting
* Life
* Christmas


* Photo Shoot with Emily
* My Grandparents are here visiting
* We went to China Town yesterday.
* Alright you're Caught up


Pictures from our photo shot into a collage!
I got one of those mollusks with the pearls inside I was excited!!

The buildings are sooo big in San Fran

Swag bro

Swag the legit one ;)  
  Just so people know I facebook and Instagram all of this a lot more if you want more posts on things... as in things happen more on those sites! I'll try to blog more.. but we'll see!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beads & Best Friends

Okay first off beads!!! :) I went to my first parade in Pensacola!! It was really cool... I screamed a lot so I could get tons of beads!! So if course it was fun!! We ended up, getting like three bags!! I didn't know exactly what to do with them soo I looked up a DIY on how to make your beads into a door curtain. I found an easy DIY where you just cut the necklaces in half and hot glue the cut necklaces together!! My OCD kicked in....making sure they were all the same shade of color, same shape, same size, same texture...:P So after I got them cut to the desired length I have just twisted them onto my rod, well the beads weigh a lot, so we'll see if that works. 

Okay second.... BEST FRIENDS!!! Some of you might know this, but anyway today is Best Friends Day!! :) So to all my friends happy best friends day!! Because really all of you are my best friends!! Cuz your the best I could ask for!!! ;) I hope you all have a FANTASTIC day!! I love you guys!  <3 You all are amazing!! 


This is my beaded curtain...ish

            My beads

     Some of our beads:)

           Love you guys!!
    Thanks guys!! ;) 

          Why Bria and I are Cocoa Puffs  :)


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday to a very wonderful person!! I hope your day is wonderful!! Love you!! <3