Monday, December 31, 2012


Wow 2013 just a few hours just wow!!! 2012 has just flown by!! There's been so many great things this year!! It's just been super fast!!! 2013 wow!! Well here are some of the most amazing things that have happened this year!!

1. New Years!!
2. Skating party!! I won for my Valentine box, I made the tin man from the wizard of Oz!!
3. Emily's birthday!!
4. Easter!! That was AMAZING!!
5. (Still part of Easter) My aunt and uncle from Italy came and visited with my cousin, Lizzie
6. (Again still Easter) I was told by Tyler Hunter that he liked me and he has been my boyfriend since:)
7. Daniel's birthday!!
8. I went and saw Avengers!!
9. Carissa came for a visit!!
10. Andrew's birthday!!
12. My daddy's birthday!!
13. Golf all through June and July!!
14. My birthday!! (I was sick!!)
15. My Grandma's birthday!!
16. I won an iPad
17. I received two trophies one for 3rd place and 5th place!!
18. My Mommy's birthday!!
19. Trip to California for thanksgiving!!
20. I was super sick after our trip!!
21. Better!!
22. Spanish Christmas party!!
23. Christmas!!
24. New Year's Eve!!
25. New Year's Eve fondue
26. New Year's Eve party!!
27. I did it 100 blog posts in a I guess there won't be as much randomness:/


  1. Bravo, bravo! Sounds like a good year. :)

  2. Aww, but I love the randomness!!! :D
    Congrats!! x)