Thursday, January 31, 2013

The hack is hacked

Well, this is payback. Good thing I know all your passwords.
Seriously why not love andrew?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I went outside!! I went outside!! I went outsideeee!!!

So I don't mean I went outside and frolicked through the flowers. I went to an All-County concert/performance/insert fancy word, that Tyler was in. So I got to see Tyler and Meredith was there too!! I was soo happy!! I have missed seeing everyone!! I am just seriously sleepy!! So I will try to be at PE this week...I'll sit out but I'll be there to see y'all's faces!! So anyway I think I'm feeling better....a little;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

I miss YOU!!!

Hi!! I miss you yes you, you reading this post right now!!! My friends mean sooo much to me!!! And their families!! Yep soo anyway!! I will be better one day, and I will see all my friends!! Okay that is all!! Byeee


I went outside today!! I ate lunch out in the sun and everything;) it's nice outside!! So anyway, here's the sun.


My drink of choice when I'm sick!! It tastes sooo good

The Johnson's

Okay....thought about y'all and how you drink hot tea.....had that this morning feel like a Johnson look like a lee;) okay that's all

Thursday, January 24, 2013


You know sucks to be sick!! Just thought you should know that!!! Oh and don't even think about getting sick once I'm better because then I won't see you, and I'll be sad!!! So stay healthy!!! Keep praying we all get better please!!! I don't feel good, my mom doesn't, Emily doesn't, and neither does my all us girls!!! Thank you soo much for your prayers:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outside & Family

Well if you haven't heard we've been sick!! Well this morning I complained of a sore throat, so this afternoon I went to the doctor......Wow!!! Did you know the sun is bright? The air smells clean!! The sky is blue!! Clouds are white and fluffy!! I kinda forgot that.......haven't been out for two weeks!!! So anyway, the doctor took a throat culture, and a flu test, both came back negative. So guess what I have??? Oh I'll just tell you I have pneumonia!!!! Eww!!! So frustrated!!! Also my family has been sick since the third!!! We are tired of it!! Okay, prayers would be great!! Thank you!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

NashfijasncjksdnkjcjissCOMMENTanjdisnajidBELOWnjdscndsicnIFcjwdincisdnjiYOUrbhisrihvnfjekCANcnjdsifnjdsnfiREADnsjkfnjksTHISfndjknfkjORnfrjsfnkjDON'TnjfwnfjweWHICHEVERfndjksdnkjdsn,OKAYccbfdsjjjjbREAD ON MY READERS!!

Hey!! So um ncajkpchuipauvhbdflvkncjkashducaiyusdvnnfdsvanxccjkdlsahkfdbvhkbdafvjhbjvhsbckj
Which basically means bvfadhkvbkadgchicesdjashcheadiawjlknsjbhs
Which means I'm sick and sick of it!! So umm yeah!! I'm working on getting better but it's slow!!! But Im working on catching up on school so I can come to co-op atleast this week!! I'm really hopeful!! Ahh so that's all;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013


Okay I'm gonna pull a Meredith where you post the definition and some pros and cons about that subject so here goes!!!
Subject~ Sick

1 a (1) : affected with disease or ill health : ailing (2) : of, relating to, or intended for use in sickness
b : queasy, nauseated

2 : spiritually or morally unsound or corrupt

3 a : sickened by strong emotion
b : having a strong distaste from surfeit : satiated
c : filled with disgust or chagrin
d : depressed and longing for something

4 a : mentally or emotionally unsound or disordered : morbid
b : highly distasteful : macabre, sadistic

5 : lacking vigor : sickly: as
a : badly outclassed
b : incapable of producing profitable yields of a crop
— sick·ly adverb

Pros on being sick!!
- Oh wait that's right there are no positives on being sick :P

Cons on being sick!!!
- You feel sick!!
- You don't do anything!!
- You have to go to the doctor!!
- You have to take disgusting medicines (they help you but still!!)
- You miss out on things (let me tell you, I know!!!)
- It's hard to think straight!!
- You feel grumpy
- You have like no appetite
- You are sick!!

Okay now I've told you the definition, the pros, and the what else...hmm.....oh yeah....I'll finish this post!!

So anyway we all know I'm sick...please keep praying!! All of us are:( okay! I think I'm done!!


So Emily and I are sitting on the aero bed set-up in the living room, she looks over and says, "If you bounce me I'll give you a penny." I bounced her..I got a penny x)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Word of the day

Word of the day Infused.
a : to cause to be permeated with something (as a principle or quality) that alters usually for the better
b : introduce, insinuate
: inspire, animate
: to steep in liquid (as water) without boiling so as to extract the soluble constituents or principles
: to administer or inject by infusion
— in·fus·er noun

Thank you daddy!! <3

Crazy dog!!

So mom and I just got home from running an errand and Lucy came outside...and jumped in the front seat, climbed under the steering wheel, and jumped onto the passenger seat....I got her out and then she jumped into the trunk and wouldn't get out...silly crazy dog!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Life is good:) ahh I had an amazing day with Tyler, Meredith, Andrew, Emily, Daniel, Zach, Audrey, and Cameron!!!! Aww it was amazing!!! We played burnout, just dance 4, just dance 3 and just dance Disney, and we worked in Andrew's wacky Wednesday videos!! Okay that's all!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meredith here are the 3 words I would use to describe you;)