Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trip to California Day #1

So today started off EARLY!!! Okay, only early if you say 6:30 is early!! We were planning on leaving at 7:30 but....we didn't hit the road till about 7:40ish (we had some minor setbacks.. ex. I forgot my antibiotic). So once we finally were on our way, we stopped at Publix, to get lunch:D it was a delicious lunch, if I do say so myself which of course I do;) Today we drove, and drove, and drove... Through a tiny bit of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and now were in the Great State Of Texas;) I took lots of pictures!! We are presently staying in Longview! I am actually very excited for tomorrow:) Were going to be staying off of Route 66!! So were watching Cars (love that movie)!! And I'll get my own bed and there will be more pictures than today!! So without further a do I'll give you pictures to look at. (I'm not gonna try and figure out how to do this so going down the first picture will be #1 and the second #2 and so forth, I'll try to write a little about each picture but if not there will just be a number) So here ya are;)
#1 Our beautiful rental car.... Fred
#2 How I'm carrying my junk;)
#3 I've always thought these were cool (they are in Alabama)
#4 Now that's my type of safe;)
#5 the Sunshine
#6 the best type of snack ever
#7 Part of the Mississippi bridge (sorry I know it's BLURRY)
#8 Texas reststop!!
#9 Us kiddos
#10 Daniel just being all buff
That's all


  1. Hey sorry all the pictures and numbers are all messed up!!

  2. cool! that's ok i don't care if they're all messed up ;)

  3. Yay, I can actually see your blog now! Cool pictures!