Monday, April 7, 2014


I made this photo album in like 2006 so when I was eight!! Whoa! Duck face!! Haha love you guys! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Sorry not sorry

So hi! I haven't posted in a while but that's okay right? Haha anyway! Freddie isn't some new guy friend...well okay he actually new Guinea pig guy friend! Hehe he's adorable. I've had him for about a month now :) here's a picture for now 

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hiya! I'm gonna try and catch you up on my crazy life ;) Alright....Haven't posted since June so you've either expected me dead or just given up on me, which in all reality I don't blame you!!! If you see Yay, if not whateves!! Alright soooo ummmm...


* Mom and Dad flew out to California to look for a house for us to live in....wahoo!!
* Luckily they didn't pick a cardboard they would...Ha!
* Us kids and Grandma stayed home
* We went over to friend's houses, Songs in The Park, and the Beach
* Emily and I had one or two tea parties...
hmmmm...that's all for June


* Fourth of July at the Brown's house which was extremely fun!!
* The Friday before my birthday I had my 15th Birthday with atleast 20 friends...pretty much the best party ever!! It was a JustDance party and then we played Ultimate afterwards
* Day before My birthday I got my braces off!!!
* My birthday!!
* Packing..bleh
* Songs in The Park
* Getting together with friends as much as possible
* Went and saw my best friend preform after band camp!!
* A hugemongo goodbye gathering (it wasn't a's are for celebrating)
* Left all my friends to move to California
* Cried a lot
* My Grandma's Birthday
* Saw one of my closest and best friend Carissa and we spent the weekend in Colorado
* Saw my cousin RayLynne in Colorado
* Kept on driving
* Had truck problems not going there xP


* Moved in to our new house
* My mom's Birthday
* Unpack the TWO UBER BIG moving trucks!!!
* Unpack everything so we could be in our house cuz our hotel was pretty sketchy
* Moved in and met the neighbors! There are 6 kids under the age of eight...two next door, two across the street, and two next to the people with the two kids across the street.
* Moved everything in to the house and became unpacked.


* We mostly just got ready for school and finished unpacking
* I started working...Babysitting


* My Aunt and cousin came from Italy for a visit they we're here for a week or two.
* Did school for two weeks.
* Babysat twice every week
* Went and saw Thor The Dark World
* Halloween Party
* Halloween trick or treating...I tried to be Cinderella


* Family came again
* Babysitting
* Life
* A teensy bit of school
* Cut down a tree


*Christmas prep
* More Christmas Prep
* Cookies
* Babysitting
* Life
* Christmas


* Photo Shoot with Emily
* My Grandparents are here visiting
* We went to China Town yesterday.
* Alright you're Caught up


Pictures from our photo shot into a collage!
I got one of those mollusks with the pearls inside I was excited!!

The buildings are sooo big in San Fran

Swag bro

Swag the legit one ;)  
  Just so people know I facebook and Instagram all of this a lot more if you want more posts on things... as in things happen more on those sites! I'll try to blog more.. but we'll see!!