Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trip to California Day #3

We woke up around 6:30!! Got dressed and ready to go, and left for breakfast!! I got this giant cinnamon roll it was humongous!! It was extremely delicious, let me just say though I still like Sarah Miller's cinnamon rolls better!! We left and went down the street aways and rented some movies from redbox: Mirror Mirror, Madagasgar 3, and Big miracle(some whale movie). We saw clouds coming over a mountain like a waterfall. As Daniel put it it looked liked mashed potatoes!! (There will be a picture of these) We stopped at clines corner, and bought some postcards, I got a surprise for my Best Friend in Florida (Yes, Meredith this is you;)) Traveled on through New Mexico to ARIZONA!! I've had sixteen truckers wave, then we passed one again and I noticed so I didn't wave, but he did. I have gotten some pretty cool pictures of the welcome sign to Arizona, and the mountains! Yes there are pictures!! We saw snow!! x) on a completely unrelated topic, I love when I start speaking Spanish for no reason, and I'm just like and I'm not even in Spanish class;)((it makes me feel smart;)) and now I have a Burger King crown, and I didn't even go to BK!! We got here around 3:30-3:45, so we went to some shops downtown I got some new bracelets;) We got back around five went to dinner and are now back, now for some chilling;)


I have decided simply for the fun of it answer almost any question you have to ask me in a video. If you want to ask a question ask it in the comments section. I ask that all question be submitted by Dec. 1st thank you and please do ask questions. (Yes I have stole this from Andrew's blog) So ask away!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trip to California Day #1

So today started off EARLY!!! Okay, only early if you say 6:30 is early!! We were planning on leaving at 7:30 but....we didn't hit the road till about 7:40ish (we had some minor setbacks.. ex. I forgot my antibiotic). So once we finally were on our way, we stopped at Publix, to get lunch:D it was a delicious lunch, if I do say so myself which of course I do;) Today we drove, and drove, and drove... Through a tiny bit of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and now were in the Great State Of Texas;) I took lots of pictures!! We are presently staying in Longview! I am actually very excited for tomorrow:) Were going to be staying off of Route 66!! So were watching Cars (love that movie)!! And I'll get my own bed and there will be more pictures than today!! So without further a do I'll give you pictures to look at. (I'm not gonna try and figure out how to do this so going down the first picture will be #1 and the second #2 and so forth, I'll try to write a little about each picture but if not there will just be a number) So here ya are;)
#1 Our beautiful rental car.... Fred
#2 How I'm carrying my junk;)
#3 I've always thought these were cool (they are in Alabama)
#4 Now that's my type of safe;)
#5 the Sunshine
#6 the best type of snack ever
#7 Part of the Mississippi bridge (sorry I know it's BLURRY)
#8 Texas reststop!!
#9 Us kiddos
#10 Daniel just being all buff
That's all

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The trip

Okay!! Hi!! Again!!! So I'm going on a trip....wait y'all knew that:P Were going to California!! I'll post pictures and post!! I'm excited cuz I think Friday night were staying on Route 66 thinking bout cars that night, not cars that you drive but the movie where they have eyes instead of windshield, I'm excited!! Well I better go get the rental car, I'll post again tomorrow!!! Oh and if you can think of one my mom is starting a blog and she has no clue what to name it, I think it's mostly for the trip but she might use it after as well!!! Thanks!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I had an amazing night!!

I had the most amazing night last night!! I got to see like all my friends before we leave for California....yes I will post often;) and yes I will post pictures but back to last night! Well anyway we went to a homeschool band concert they were amazing and of course afterwards we had food;) and we went to the courtyard in 50 degree weather;) Hehehehehe and it was fun here's some pics from last night:) I actually didn't have many but when I got home I checked my Facebook, and Mrs. Grey had tagged this photo of me:) (it should be the last one;)) so I'm posting more;) *wink* *wink*

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hey so I'm trying to post more often!! So yeah;) pray for my daddy he's going up to D.C. For an interview for a possible job there for the Coast Guard! Just pray his flight goes well, the interview goes smoothly!! And the rest is up to God:) also just pray for us were having problems with our church!! Love y'all soo much <3 oh and my GodGirl bracelet broke last night :'( all done