Friday, February 22, 2013

Random thought for the day!!

Okay here goes:

It's's depressing!!

I'm excited for tomorrow!!! It's the homeschool, high school banquet xDDD Pretty excited:)
I have a really pretty dress!! And wait for it.... Wait for it..... SPARKLY shoes!!

Sunday is my sweet little sister's 8th birthday!! <3 <3
I absolutely love her!!! <3 she's a super sweet person!! I'll post more Sunday:)

Oooh I had these tests I had to take....they kill your brain...but hey that's okay....right??
Well not really but I still have my brain right? If I didn't I guess my post would be more like fhvkjbxkjsviubskzuigcuisrvhiusfhvhdusivhusdiwiahdjvidnwgskfofheyrjvuegdtfsgcksnhdkwhduwmfdshjfkshcjehfjdnfkehsjfnfjvhfenuwjskfmvhdhfmejejsncgndks.
Well aren't we glad it isn't that!! So more on these tests, Emily, Daniel and I took them.....well today Emily says, "Wow! I'm soo glad today is Friday!! I'm sick of doing the ACT!! Hehe she's funny!! We're taking the IWOA test:) haha love her!! <3

So I guess I didn't really have a thought but a few but, I don't think you minded reading a bit more;)


  1. Hey, just be glad it's not snowing and you already have 6" of the stuff. Like here...

    Can't wait to hear about the banquet! :D Hope y'all have fun!! :D

    Tell Emmy I love her lots and miss her lots and happy 8th birthday! cause 8 is GREAT. ;)

    Glad ur brain is still there.