Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh mee goodness!!!

Andrew is still sick and he must get better not he must but he MUST!!! Oh my word!! And if he doesn't one of my friends said she would send a clown over!! Not cool!! I am scared of those evil looking people!! So anyway he better get better!! ;)

A nap!! I would like a nap...I don't have anything else to do except (study, finish a Valentine's box, make valentines!!) I have nothing to do;) so I guess I'll take a nap!! Not!! I can't sleep!! I have too much to do...so wait why am I blog posting!! Cuz' it's fun!!

Hi!! So I'm weird I'm jumping from topic to topic!! Yep I know!! Just a bit confusing!! But hey! That's me;) so umm...hi!!

So we have a busy week! It's only Tuesday and I'm getting excited for the weekend!! So yesterday being a Monday I had school, I studied a bit!! Then last night I went to a concert that my best friend was accompany Tyler in:) Needless to say I was very excited!! My friends did AMAZING!! They were definitely BOSS!! Today there isn't much but tonight it's a graduate meeting that I'm going to...no I'm not graduating yet, I have to wait for 2016!! I'm going to 'help' mom with whatever she needs...and Meredith should be there:) Tomorrow is Wednesday, so I'll start stressing about Friday and all my tests!! I have three!! I'm nervous!! Then Thursday is the skating party and I'm soo excited!! Ooooh and it's Valentine's Day! Friday!! Oooh Friday shall be most glorious!! And long and annoying!! So we will go to co-op it's starting half an hour earlier and ending two hours earlier!! So we have to cram alot of stuff in!! Then after co-op it's off to SGA!! To get pictures taken!! Fun right?? Maybe!! Well shall see!! And it's the talent show!! It feels really weird cuz I was in the talent show last year but not this year...I don't have talent!! It shall be a long day!! but we should be able to play Ultimate Frisbee so I'm good. Heheheh anyway!! I think this post is long enough and I'll let you get back to your life;)


  1. Oh my goodness. At first I was appalled by all the mistakes in grammar, mainly the lack of comma usage. Then I remembered...this is Allie...just read quickly and it will sound just like she talks!!!! Love you. Life would be so boring and dull without you. You are so much fun and such a joy to be around. It is hard to be in a bad mood when you are around! I LOVE YOU! NOW GO STUDY!!!!!

  2. It's like having a conversation with Allie! ;D Enjoy the fun and dull times, mate; it sounds like a week full of good things.

  3. I'm excited about Thursday! Not Wednesday so much, though....

    I'll see you soon!

  4. Whoa yay a longer post! ;D Did ya realize they put "dying" in "studying" for a reason?! :D Sounds like a fun week! <3 And you have many talents! Like making people smile! :)