Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home school banquet

Ahhh the anticipation for last night has probably been building since the beginning of this month or actually a little bit before then. So anyway!! It was an amazing night!! So here goes nothing!

Yesterday day morning I woke up around eight thirty-ish and started cleaning the house. (I know, I know your wondering how this played into the banquet...well Tyler was coming to pick me up that afternoon so the house had to be cleaned!!) Once the house was cleaned my mom and I left to run errands.

We left around 10 in the morning and went to, Walmart, Target, Hallmark, Winn-dixie, Arby's(for lunch), and then cuts by us for my hair to be done. We got everything done, and at cuts by us we got there at 12:45 and left at 2:30.....yeah that took a while!!! I guess I have alot of hair but whatever!!

We get home and I start to get ready, put makeup on, put on my dress, put on shoes, and make sure I'm ready to go. So around four Tyler gets here, and he gives me this really pretty corsage, and I of course gave him a boutonnière. Guess what??? There were two moms in the same room... With cameras!! So obviously there were many pictures taken!! So we smiled...felt famous and imagined this is what famous people feel like. Just kidding!!

So we left my house and drove to the Angus Steak house. When we first get there not a ton of people had shown up probably like ten people. As more people showed up...the more cameras arrived....the more pictures were taken. There were like 30 teens. (I will post pictures either in this post or another one.) Once everyone arrives we're told to go sit down.

Okay first off I had the best table there. It was Andrew, Tyler, Stephen, Jesse, Hannah, and I. Once everyone else is seated our salads arrive. They were bitter salads, but everyone at our table decided rich/fine people eat bitter salads and drink unsweetened tea....but since tonight was a 'fancy lets dress up thing' we decided we'd be rich/fine people. That didn't last long. After our bitter salads we had our main courses come. I had steak...which was delicious!!! The mash potatoes were to die for!! Then we all decided that being rich/fine people was a good thing, and if you looked over the bitter salad things could taste good. ;) After that we had desert I had chocolate cake it was again delicious...and maybe rich/fine food isn't soo bad!! I had soo much fun with my table, we talked, made stupid jokes, Stephen and Jesse made these hilarious faces whenever I went to eat:P

Once we all had food in our bodies we watched a Tim Hawkins video. Wow! Wow!! He's pretty funny!! I'm gonna have to watch more of his videos. So we laughed alot!! Which was obviously fun!! After the video we started to get ready to leave. As we walk outside the moms are like perfect picture moment!!! So pictures were taken. Then we left....and that was my Saturday night:) it was amazing!!

Ooooooh and thank you sooooo much, Mrs. Hunter for putting thanks together it was an amazing night!!!


  1. Sounds like ya had fun! :D At least I get more details here than in your texts! ;) cute pics too.

  2. Well you look adorable! I am glad you had such a splendid evening. :)