Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday to one of my Bestest and longest friends....Carissa!! I love you!!! <3 I hope you have an amazing day!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! I have actually been wondering how old you were, so now how old are you? :)

  2. Well I'm presently fourteen, but in July I'll be 15:)

  3. Happy birthday, Carissa person I have seen comment on blogs and stuff! ;D

    I told you she was fourteen...:p Hehe!

  4. Sorry everyone... Ahem, let me start over. :)

    How old is Carissa? :) Hehe, I know how old Allie is, and I remember that she and Joanna share July birthdays. And Andrew and Sarah in May. :) There. Is that a little better?

  5. Aw thank you so much Allie!!!! and Ruth!! And Diana!! :-D <3 I'm 17. ;-D And I had an AMAZING day yesterday! :-)

    Love you lots Allie!!!!!! =)