Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm sorry I haven't posted.... In A while...yes I'm lame!! I have been slightly busy, running here running there!! So here's what I've done in the past two or three weeks;) I've had PE and golf every Thursday:) I've dissected a crawfish, worm and perch....and I'm going to dissect a frog!!!

Sorry I fainted:( I'm not excited about a frog ewww much!!! I've had school, studying, tests, quizzes, life that is CRAY CRAY!! Been to the zoo!! Went shopping!! I've done way more than Im writing for instance...
•circulate blood
• ...
• ...

Ooooooooh the Zoo was fun!!:) there were lions and tigers and bears oh my!! (Sorry I couldn't resist!!) but there actually were!!! I saw an alligator his name was chuckie....he was big....he was fat:P

Okay!! That is all....I'll try and post more!! Soon!!


  1. Hey girl, great to see another blog post from ya! Sounds like our lives are pretty similar right now...busy busy busy...glad the zoo was fun! Andrew's pics were great. It'd be fun to go to the Denver Zoo with you again! I MISS YOU a lot Allie!! Love you!! Hope to see you THIS SUMMER!!! :)

  2. Haha, that was kinda fun to read. :) I don't think I could dissect a frog... :P

    1. That was very brave of you! Ruth could hardly look at the pictures, so could probably much less actually dissect it. And being crazy busy sure can be crazy!