Friday, March 1, 2013


Soo today was another dissection....kinda sorta eww!! But at the same time sooo super cool!! At first I had the same partners as last time. Elizabeth had to leave earlier today so I was partnered with Abbie Brown:) She basically let me do it...put she helped!!!;) it was fun!! So like at first we had to follow the directions but after that was done, we got to do whatever we wanted with the crawfish:)

Once we stared cutting up the crawfish, we were told to figure out the gender...we had a girl!! We...okay I decided to name her Flo! (After the lady on the progressive commercial!!) It was fun!! So we cut it open! Yuck! It stunk!! Once we followed the directions Abbie was I was able to do what ever I wanted with it.

So umm....I ripped off the head!!! Muhahahahah!!! Watch out!! Then I pulled off its claws:) and then it's eyes...yeah Im proud though I'm the girl who was totally creeped out by this stuff!! Kay?? So it was actually totally fun...but I didn't say that;)

I've come to the conclusion that biology isn't horrible but tolerable!!:) yep!! I dissected a crawfish!!

Oooh so here's some pictures!!

*******************WARNING VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*********************
There are some pictures of if you have a weak stomach or have just eaten...just read the post don't look at the pictures;)

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