Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beads & Best Friends

Okay first off beads!!! :) I went to my first parade in Pensacola!! It was really cool... I screamed a lot so I could get tons of beads!! So if course it was fun!! We ended up, getting like three bags!! I didn't know exactly what to do with them soo I looked up a DIY on how to make your beads into a door curtain. I found an easy DIY where you just cut the necklaces in half and hot glue the cut necklaces together!! My OCD kicked in....making sure they were all the same shade of color, same shape, same size, same texture...:P So after I got them cut to the desired length I have just twisted them onto my rod, well the beads weigh a lot, so we'll see if that works. 

Okay second.... BEST FRIENDS!!! Some of you might know this, but anyway today is Best Friends Day!! :) So to all my friends happy best friends day!! Because really all of you are my best friends!! Cuz your the best I could ask for!!! ;) I hope you all have a FANTASTIC day!! I love you guys!  <3 You all are amazing!! 


This is my beaded curtain...ish

            My beads

     Some of our beads:)

           Love you guys!!
    Thanks guys!! ;) 

          Why Bria and I are Cocoa Puffs  :)



  1. Ah I didn't know that today is best friends day! Happy best friends day to you too! Love those pictures! ;)

  2. Aw, I missed Best Friends day... oh well.