Monday, January 14, 2013


Okay I'm gonna pull a Meredith where you post the definition and some pros and cons about that subject so here goes!!!
Subject~ Sick

1 a (1) : affected with disease or ill health : ailing (2) : of, relating to, or intended for use in sickness
b : queasy, nauseated

2 : spiritually or morally unsound or corrupt

3 a : sickened by strong emotion
b : having a strong distaste from surfeit : satiated
c : filled with disgust or chagrin
d : depressed and longing for something

4 a : mentally or emotionally unsound or disordered : morbid
b : highly distasteful : macabre, sadistic

5 : lacking vigor : sickly: as
a : badly outclassed
b : incapable of producing profitable yields of a crop
— sick·ly adverb

Pros on being sick!!
- Oh wait that's right there are no positives on being sick :P

Cons on being sick!!!
- You feel sick!!
- You don't do anything!!
- You have to go to the doctor!!
- You have to take disgusting medicines (they help you but still!!)
- You miss out on things (let me tell you, I know!!!)
- It's hard to think straight!!
- You feel grumpy
- You have like no appetite
- You are sick!!

Okay now I've told you the definition, the pros, and the what else...hmm.....oh yeah....I'll finish this post!!

So anyway we all know I'm sick...please keep praying!! All of us are:( okay! I think I'm done!!

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  1. :'( So sorry y'all are sick!! :/ NO FUN! Get better soon! That's an order!

    Love you Allie!