Friday, April 13, 2012

A poem

Hi so I'm posting this poem it's not written by me its by my friend Kacie Campbell. I really thought it was good and needed to be shared. So here it is:

hi mommy its me
you dont know im here
im to small for the eye to see
but im here, im your baby
im onloy two weeks old
but im already alive
i have a body but its to small to hold
i cant wait to be fully grown
i will be yours and in your arms
now im 10 weeks, you know about me
when you found out im here
you cried, but mommy why?
you told daddy today
he didnt have much to say
mommy im still here for you
even though he walked away
tonight beofre bed
you held me tight
and rubbed me as you said
i love you, i wont leave
im 18 weeks today
mommy im a girl!
you cried when you heard my heart beat
today you told grandma about me!
she wasnt as happy as i tought she would be!
she said i was a mistake
you held me tight and said
im the best desicion you could ever make
its been a few weeks
since you talked to me last
you keep talking about something
mommy, what is an abortion?
i wait with anticipation
mommy why are we going to the doctor?
we dont have to go.
why are we in a small room?
you are holding me now
i missed you miss me too?
mommy you are holding to tight
you laid down while they turned off the light
the doctor is saying words i dont understand
mommy please dont cry, im here.
why is the doctor getting so near?
mommy tell him to stop! he is hurting me!
why are you taking my life from me?
goodbye mommy, i love you.
i met a man named jesus today
he told me what you did.
i dont understand why you wanted me away.
i forgive you, and i still love you
i could have made you happy
you ment the world to me
and you just didnt want to be
a grown up and take care of a baby
did it make your ife easier
are you happy you killed me?
millions of women kill babies everyday
that dont even have a say!
the babies are alive,
they are humans too
its amazing people dont have a clue
either planned or surprised
a persons a person
no matter how small

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  1. Oh my goodness that is the saddest poem I've ever read. :(
    BTW, sorry I haven't been on here in so long! :/