Saturday, March 24, 2012

This moring I Did.........

Last night we had our youth group and some home school friends over. Bria and Meredith spent the night and we stayed up till like almost two! Well  my mom came in my room at about Five thirty yes we did know she would be coming but we were so sleepy! she woke us so we could do a 5K at Big Lagoon State Park. we were doing the walk and I ran/walked it well so I was just looking around and about 100yrds. ahead of me were about 5 deers! Sooo I today just walked my second 5K I'm soo happy:D


  1. Sounds like your Saturday was about as awesome as mine was. :-) Have a great week, Allie! Miss you lots!

  2. LOL!! That was a really fun night! I actually had fun at the 5K, something I wasn't expecting! :) We MUST do it again soon!